Stocks Climb on Gloomy Data

Happy Friday! Closing out the week, stocks saw their highest levels since early December, providing a strong January. So far, the job market has remained […]

Will Stocks Continue Rally? Options Expiring Today

Happy Friday! It's been a wild ride for the stocks this week. After today's rally, the major indices erased most of the losses from the […]

Stocks and Economic Data Keep Investors Guessing

Happy Friday! Stocks closed the week higher and are inching back to November highs. The market remains hesitant as Thursday's CPI figure came in exactly […]

Holiday Trading In Full Swing

Happy Friday and get ready to celebrate! Christmas is finally here and the festivities are about to begin. After last week's rug pull, stocks held […]

Short Week, Little Action

Happy Friday! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. It's Black Friday and that means the market closed at 1pm EST. Stocks saw a slight […]

A Snooze Fest This Week

Happy Friday! It's November monthly options expiration. After a fantastic rally over the last few weeks, the stock market took a breather. This is normal […]

Why Time In The Markets Matter

Happy Friday! It was a fantastic week for stocks. The S&P 500 ended the week up 5%, while the Nasdaq surged 8%. The 2-day buying […]

This Week's Monster Truck Rally Didn't Disappoint

Happy Friday! Last week Apple saved the market... ...This week apple and the rest of the Nasdaq stocks sank lower than rest of the market. […]

October Market Rally Surprise

Happy Friday! Apple saved the market and stocks ended higher for the week. The market was on the ropes last night after disappointing earnings from […]

Pivot Talks Spark Rally - Options Expiring Today

Happy Options Expiration Friday! There's never a dull moment in the stock market. Stocks ended the week on a high note on October options expiration. […]