It's inevitable.

That being the continued move toward a world powered by the internet of things (IoT).

Especially after we adapt to life after the coronavirus.

We will need even more high-tech infrastructure to support all this and other wireless technology.

This means tons of investment here on Earth, but also fleets of new satellite technology above.

Revamping our entire satellite infrastructure from the clunky hunks of junk orbiting Earth 20,000 miles in the sky to a fleet of small, easy-to-manage low-Earth orbit constellations is no easy task.

Nor cheap…

But some of the biggest names in tech are already answering the call.

And soon low-Earth-orbit satellites will create a major disruption in the telecommunications world.

Take the recent SpaceX mission that launched 60 new Starlink satellites into orbit just a few weeks ago.

This launch puts SpaceX in the running for largest telecom satellite operator on the planet and if the other 20 or so planned launches take flight this year as expected they will certainly land the No. 1 spot as largest telecom satellite operator.

Simply put Elon Musk wants in on 5G like everyone else. And I don’t blame him.

5G will quickly become the new wireless standard and is going to enable a massive boom in innovation… and it’s a perfect investing opportunity.

Last year SpaceX received FCC approval to place one million new, low-Earth orbit communications satellites into orbit as part of its Starlink internet service.

SpaceX has made it its mission to dominate the new satellite industry. Earlier this year they launched 60 new Starlink satellites into orbit.

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The launch made SpaceX the largest telecom-satellite operator on the planet and with another 20 or so planned Starlink launches expected to take flight this year SpaceX is a major disruptor on multiple levels.

To date, SpaceX Falcon 9 missions have successfully placed 300 satellites into orbit for its Starlink internet service.

But SpaceX is a private company.

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