Over 22 million Americans are out of work.

Many are shut in homes and shut out of their businesses.

Some are on the frontlines working through this pandemic.

Obviously, hospital workers and medical professionals are truly in the trenches dealing with COVID-19.

But others such as delivery drivers, grocery store employees and city maintenance workers deemed "essential" keep the world from total collapse.

This crisis has put another group into the spotlight.

Warehouse workers.

There’s a no larger company with more of these employees than Amazon.

Amazon, as a company, has received plenty of flak about how it has handled its employee health and pay in the past. But with the focus now squarely on these issues, the technology giant is again turning toward its innovation to find solutions.

Reuters reports that Amazon is now using thermal cameras to screen its workers from fevers in its warehouses. According to the company, this is faster and more efficient than even forehead thermometers.

Spot checks for symptoms of coronavirus can only help so much, however.

With hundreds of thousands of warehouse workers in direct contact with products still being shipped to customers around the world, Amazon is also building its own testing facility.

In a blog post, the company announced that its goal is to eventually begin testing all employees, even those asymptomatic.
It’s hard to recall that this company was once an online bookstore. Such is the nature of technological development.

Now, that’s not to say everyone is pleased with the technological progress Amazon has made regarding safety and protection for its workers.

In recent days, workers have gone on strike at dozens of its facilities.

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Politicians have condemned Amazon’s worker conditions. Even debate over company travel has come into the spotlight.

But as we go forward through this pandemic, Amazon’s other, previous technological advances could gain more traction.

Early last year, Amazon started working with a company called Embark to put driverless trucks on the road. Tests have already commenced with this technology and would obviously have a large impact on keeping more people at home.

No matter how long this crisis lasts, it’s the companies like Amazon that develop the technologies most useful that will remain in the news and on investors’ screens.

Certainly, you’ve heard of the increasing demand for teleconferencing companies like Zoom Video Communications Inc. (Nasdaq:ZM).

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I saw the shift coming with more and more turning to this technology.

But I didn't foresee this quick of acceleration for the use of this technology due to the lockdown.

Other technology innovators are coming to light in these dark times.

And as we continue to do our part and stay in our homes, these are the types of companies worth looking into. After all, even when this whole thing is over, the world will have changed.

One company that’s even less of a secret than Zoom, but has the potential for more ever-lasting success after this COVID-19 era ends is Shopify Inc. (NYSE:SHOP).

Shopify Inc. (NYSE:SHOP) was one of my top picks of 2019 in Wealthy Tech Investor service that was up 227%.

With millions of people forced to stay inside and order more online, buying trends change. What was once easier to just head down to the store to buy now becomes second nature to order for delivery.

Shopify has streamlined the online ordering process by helping companies build, manage and operate online stores, as well as the transactions on those sites.

So, while the likes of Amazon continue to come under fire and try to innovate its way out of it, others are prospering in this new era.

And while the likes of videoconferencing will continue to gain favor amongst employers and workers alike, a smart investor should also look for technology changes that can survive beyond the immediate situation.

Shopify is one company that is built to last for quite some time.

However, it's tough to jump into these two stocks after this historic run higher.

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