Keep Cool — Hot Money Is Heating Up

July 2, 2021

Dear Trader,

The market is open, but it looks to be a snooze-fest, as most are heading out for a long weekend for July 4th.

It was a quiet week and we weren’t able to continue our hot streak with closing out another winning position.

The S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 continue to ride the path of least resistance higher and hit new all-time highs.

And we could see continued momentum with catalysts such as; earnings, the Fed, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

Hot Money never sleeps, and we’ll keep on top of it for you.

Now, the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), aka the “fear” index, is right at our key 15 level.

That means the path of resistance is higher, but expect an upcoming pullback to shake out some weaker hands.

Now let’s talk shop.

Portfolio Update

Here’s a recap of what we did this week.

On Monday:


On Tuesday:

Buy-to-open the EDU Aug, 2021, $10/$12.50 call spread

On Wednesday:

Buy-to-open the AMD July 16, 2021, $96/$100 call spread

On Thursday:


On Friday:


Right now, we’re holding:

  • VIPS July 16, 2021, $24/$28 call spread
  • LUMN July 16, 2021, $16 call
  • INTC July 9, 2021, $60/$62 call spread
  • F July 16, 2021, $15.50/$16.50 call spread
  • AMD July 16, 2021, $96/$100 call spread
  • EDU Aug, 2021, $10/$12.50 call spread

That’s all for today.

But as we head into this long weekend to celebrate freedom, togetherness, and the United States of America.

Let’s also remember our shared American history and the meaning of the day.

"In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved."

—President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Now it’s time to head to the pool with a fresh jalapeno margarita - TGIF!

I'll have a new trade on Tuesday and have a great July 4th.

To your wealth, freedom, and options!

Joshua M. Belanger

Joshua M. Belanger
Joshua Belanger is founder of CounterVest and the editor of Hot Money Trader. He has been providing ordinary investors blockbuster returns since 2008. In 2018, the average return of Hot Money Trader beat the markets by over 15%