My name is

Joshua M. Belanger

Just like you, I love the markets and figuring out how to take money from it.

For many years I cut my teeth on the trading floors of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

It’s how I discovered first hand why the most successful traders can cash in on opportunities very few people ever see.

In 2008, after I saw how the big banks caused the financial crisis and how selfish traders only made it worse, I began to trade on my terms.

Since then I’ve been helping ordinary Americans master the same secrets the big banks and corporate traders use, which has allowed others to live on their terms.

But it wasn’t always like this…

Let’s go back to the beginning and check in with a broke kid, growing up on the outskirts of Chicago.

I was born to a single mother in a poverty-stricken neighborhood.I never had any family connections to help me get ahead.

I didn’t go to a fancy college.For most of my life, I barely even had a penny to my name.

Sun, rain, shine or snow; I used to hustle up pocket money by strapping a sled to my bike so that I could deliver two paper routes at once.

Summers, I mowed lawns for realtors, doing dozens of yards a week while other kids lounged around or mooched off their parents.

I had to hustle.

If you want to know, after my freshman year of high school, I dropped out to become a professional wrestler.

That was the first time I learned the difference between the SHOW…. and the real action going on backstage.

I traveled the Midwest trying to make my way as a professional wrestler and delivering pizzas to cover my rent.

Anything to make a buck.

Some people thought it was a dead-end for me, but there’s no shame in following a dream and doing an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.

And I knew I was destined for better things… just like you.

I know what it’s like to scratch and scrape.

But through those years, I always told myself that one day I’d be rich.

I wanted to be able to support my family… to give them the life they deserved.

I wanted to be free from financial worries… to never have to worry about money again.

No one who knew me back then thought I’d ever trade on the floor of the Chicago Board of Exchange (CBOE)... something I was doing when I was just 19.

Or that I would build a full book of business and earn a Series 7 brokerage license when I was barely 21...

Or become a notable guest in the pages of The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters, and The New York Post, as well as lend my voice to broadcasts like The Money Show, The Disciplined Investor, and Money Tree Radio.

Now, the markets had always fascinated me.

I wanted to do what the rich traders did on TV and in the movies.

And so, when opportunity knocked, I answered.

My boss at the pizza place told me one of the best ways to get started in the world of business was to become a stockbroker.

One day, I walked into the stockbroker’s office next to the pizza shop I worked at and asked for a job.

The old stockbroker behind the desk said no.

Told me he didn’t hire pizza delivery drivers who walked in and asked for a job.

I needed to pay my dues.

I most of caught him on a good day because he did take pity on me.

He said that my only way to break into the business is to get on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

He wasn’t going to make any calls, but that is the day that changed my life.

For the next several months afterward, I cold-called every firm in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange begging for an opportunity. Then one day, I received a call to come interview for a job as a runner.

And soon, I began my career as a runner on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.A runner is the lowest of the low; it's just above the guy who scrapes the gum off the floor.

(In fact, I only made $5.75 an hour… commuted 3 hours a day and was still delivering pizzas to keep up with my bills.)

But it was my foot in the door. I worked my way up through the ranks.And along the way, I made a vow to myself…

If I ever figured this out myself and made a fortune…

I was going to help as many other people as I could do the same.

Because I never had anyone who helped me or showed me the ropes…

And if you’re not on the inside, getting their is nearly impossible.

It took years.

No shortcuts.

Everyone I looked to for advice just laughed at me.

They said it was too hard to make money in the markets…

They said I couldn’t do it.But if it wasn’t for that old stockbroker, I’m not talking to you right now.

Heck, I might still be delivering pizza.

That’s why it’s my mission to share the secrets I learned over the years.

I understand, deeply understand, that doing all the right things and working hard…

… Like you’ve been doing all these years…


You need luck on your side too.

You need to be in the right place at the right time.

You need to know an opportunity when you see it and jump on it.

You also need the right mentor.

Every day I'm haunted with that feeling of when I was broke and helpless and watch cancer slowly put my both of my grandmothers and mother in the grave because I wasn’t financially able to get them the best care.

However, I did finally figure it out.

Founding CounterVest has allowed me to stay true to both of my promises.

It’s allowed us to turn the tables around on Wall Street!

Now we're the ones laughing because the only thing that matters is hearing about the success our members have had over the years.

They have been finally able to take their family on a great vacation; paying off all their debts; paying for the grandkids’ tuition…or just padding their retirement savings.

You deserve to start doing it today, too!

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