The promise of 5G is very real.

But the practical applications have been few and far between so far. This leaves big questions for investors looking to park funds in this soon to be an explosive growth industry.

The traditional players are obvious, telecom names like Verizon and T-Mobile are sure to benefit in the race for 5G supremacy. As will hardware providers like Apple and Samsung.

But there’s a lot more to the 5G revolution than meets the eye and that means a lot of opportunities folks could overlook.

Today we look at some unique ways 5G will make its most immediate impact.

Initial estimates stated billions of dollars will be spent on the 5G rollout. New estimates now suggest the 5G rollout will take over $2 trillion in investments.

Greensills reports a recent analysis of 5G spending estimates the total bill for the rollout throughout the global supply chain will likely to top $2.7 trillion by the end of 2020.

Yes, 5G networks will be hundreds of times faster than and sure you’ll be able to download a high-definition movie in seconds. But 5G isn’t just about faster downloads and browsing.

5G enables many other new technologies. Ones that will revolutionize the world.

5G Is a Must for Driverless Tech

Self-driving cars will need 5G to become a reality. The sheer amount of data that driverless cars need to access at lightning-fast speeds is well beyond what 4G is capable of.

Up to date maps, real-time traffic data, weather forecasts and a host of other data all eat up bandwidth and only 5G provides the necessary speeds and scope for level 4 or 5 autonomous vehicles. Additionally, driverless cars will need reliant backup systems operating at 5G speeds in tunnels and other areas where satellite signals could be compromised.

Source: Revolutionary Entrepreneur

Simply put, until 5G is here there won’t be a mass adoption of driverless tech.

But that’s just one industry…. 5G has the potential to create hundreds of new, never-before-thought-of, industries too.

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5G and the Internet of Things

Hundreds of millions of "internet of things" IoT devices will soon be connected to wireless networks, adding to a growing flood of data.

5G will enable cities and towns to build revolutionary new types of infrastructure ranging from smart streets and power grids to things like traffic lights that can communicate with automobiles.

5G will also revolutionize home design. Integrated smarthomes ala Alexa-styled walls and fixtures, along with augmented reality theaters are just the tip of the iceberg.

The truth is, the larger amount of integrated and smart devices that 5G will make possible are impossible to imagine at this stage in the game.

With coronavirus forcing everyone to transact and communicate online like never before, 5G faster speeds are not a desire, but a requirement.

5G offers innovations and profit opportunities for decades to come.

More on that tomorrow.