Companies are laying workers off at a record pace.

The government reported another 3 million laid-off today.

That brings the total to 33 million jobs lost and it doesn't look like that's the end.

In fact, I'm sad to report that my fiance was laid off today.

During this pandemic, a gut-wrenching trend is starting to emerge.

Once things start to turn around, a lot of these jobs will not return.

The New Driving Force For Business

Bloomberg reported last week that Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) is in talks to buy startup Softomotive.

Softmotive is one of the leading Robotic Process Automation solutions (RPA).

These RPA's automate repetitive human tasks, such as Excel data entry, form-filling, claims to process, and even email correspondence.

RPA vendors have had success with freeing up frontline workers' in healthcare and government.

For instance, lenders deployed RPA to automate Paycheck Protection Program loan filings for SBA.

But on April 28, the SBA announced a ban on RPAs because the bots were overwhelming its E-Tran loan portal.

As companies continue to lean down, the demand for RPAs will skyrocket.

Since RPA automates digital tasks, it will continue to have a disruptive effect on human jobs… especially in a recession.

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With Microsoft’s reported interest in Softomotive, it looks to be a smart growth acquisition.

If the deal can get the deal done, It will become a one-stop-shop for all enterprise software needs.

The Nasdaq 100 was able to claw back to unchanged, shares of MSFT are up 25% YTD.

MSFT also has a 1% dividend yield, which you could be considered a new staple stock to own in any type of market.

A Rocket Ready for “Stage 2”

The demand for 5G rapidly increases as RPAs become adopted.

Mobile data traffic is expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 50%.

Operators must look to introduce a sustainable ecosystem with intelligent automation as part of their nervous system.

This will enable them to meet and service new market demands in 2020 and beyond.

With the recent news from Microsoft, I started to look at companies that would benefit from this RPA and 5G boom.

I found an interesting play that I'm excited to reveal to readers of Wealthy Tech Investor next month.

Yet, when you look at the future of any of the MAGA stocks (MSFT, AAPL, FB, AMZN) Microsoft, in my opinion, is the best.