A non-traditional opinion on investing, business and life.

After spending years working in the trading pits and the financial industry in Chicago, Joshua Belanger flipped Wall St. the bird and started publishing his knowledge on the interest in 2008.

His goal was to help investors avoid getting taken advantage of by Wall Street and learn the “art of trading” to become fearless, independent money-making machines with taking a ‘Macgyver’ approach to investing that’s based on math, not magic.

At a young age, he was taught that if you wanted something that you'd to work hard for it.

Instead of taking on one paper route, he tied a sled to the back of his bike so he could take on two.

Instead of working for the city like most kids mowing lawns, he decided to knock on doors asking realtors for yards he could mow; towing his lawn mower handle under his bike seat across Zion, IL.

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